About Us

We have a simple vision in mind, to give you the best possible information before you purchase your exotic Mongolian fur pillows. Please take a look around our website, and if you have any suggestions please contact us.

The brands represented on this site are one of the few brands who make authentic Mongolian fur and export it overseas. While shipping may take a bit longer depending on which company you buy it from, you’ll be more than happy with the genuine quality of the products listed.

Not only are Mongolian fur pillows ethically humane, but it’s a great way for local nomads to support their communities and livelihoods, so your dollars not only brighten up your living room, but also the people who work hard at providing you the product.

Why Choose Mongolian Fur?

Mongolian fur is one the materials around the world that is unique and rare to find. Though there are the faux fur brands, real genuine sheep wool sheared from hardy sheep from Mongolia and Central Asia have a completely different feel to them.

The material is soft, smooth, and is a great insulator. If you are looking to bring an exotic look into your home, Mongolia fur throws is the top choice of selection.

Things To Consider Before You Buy

Size: Since Mongolian fur pillow covers are fluffy, you have to understand that they will look bigger than they actually are. A 20 by 20 pillow cover might actually look 24 by 24 visually, so if you have a small sofa or a couch, be mindful how much space it will take.

Shipping: Most genuine Mongolian lamb fur is exported from Asia, so depending on the brand and choice, shipping might take a week or a few days. You need to be patient.

Cost: Mongolian sheep wool is not cheap; it’s quite expensive. 4 pillow throws might cost you around $200, so you have to consider your budget. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can always try faux Mongolian fur.

Maintenance: Do not machine wash your Mongolian pillows! Since authentic lamb wool is sensitive in nature, it is recommended you only spot clean them if you get stains. Otherwise, the wool stays odor free and pretty fresh.