Best Decorative Throw Pillows For BLACK, BROWN, and RED Leather Couch

Having a hard time decorating and matching the right throw pillow colors for black, brown, or red leather couches? Here is a buyer’s guide for how you can jazz-up your home for a very reasonable price!

DO NOT ever have your pillows as the same color as your couch! Try to at least have some contrasting colors in the mix, otherwise, you will have something like this.

As you can see, it just looks dull and boring. There are no colors that actually stand out and give your couch some sense of life. Sure, you could have some other items to go around your sofa, but you’re making it hard for yourself.

DARK SOFA: If your couch is dark in color, then you should opt for throws and pillows that are brighter, so that they stand out and contrast. Usually white or ivory kinds of colors look great.

BRIGHT SOFA: On the other hand, if you have ivory, silver, or brightly colored couch, then you should mix both darker shades and bright shades of pillows together to get the best look.

- Brown Color

DO: Typically, when a couch is brown in color and made of leather, it looks so retro and vintage. Therefore try to choose pillows which have a minimalist design, fewer decorations or retro style. Also warm colored stripes always look perfect on a brown leather textile. 

Usually for brown leather couches, white, beige and ivory colors are the best. You could mix in some red and dark patterned pillows to give it some character as well. Also tone of your couch color is important. There are various of different types of “brown”.  The brighter the brown color is, the darker shade of pillows. For darker brown couches, lighter colored pillows are recommended. 

About the shape and dimension, big, thick, rectangular pillows would suit the best. Also here are the pillow samples I would decorate my brown, leather couch.

DON’T: Brightly colored throws such as yellow, green, and pink will just look weird, so stick with more neutral and conservative colors.

However, the shape of pillows depends on the couch design, if it’s a brown, leather couch NEVER get it paired with slim, non-traditional funny shaped pillows.

- Black Color

DO:  If you have a black couch, then congratulations to you! Because “black” color is  suitable for any occassion and it can be matched with any color depending on the environment.  Thus, you have more possible chances to decorate your room. But since we’re talking about the leather sofas, you should be careful when choosing the material of pillows and cushions. 

Usually bright colored pillows are great for black couches.  You can pick beige, grey, white, or just brighter tone of whatever color you want for  pillows.  For an elegant look, try to choose natural beige and modest colors not to look odd.  Don’t forget the patterns, you can try various kinds of prints such as stripes or geometrical lines, but it’s the matter of the design of your couch.

Also black couch goes very well with bold, colorful pillows. So if you want a modern, contemporary vibe, you may try solid orange ones. This might sound weird for some people, but there are always people who satisfy this kind of flamboyant style.

What textiles are good for the black, leather couch? First of all let’s highlight the words “leather” and “black”. These two properties create a bold, heavy feeling. So when it comes to choose a material of the pillows, it’s suitable to pick also thick, plushy ones. It’s obvious that a slim, silky, too soft pillow won’t go well with the black leather sofa. But leather, fur, thick polyester or velvet would be a perfect match.


 Mongolian Fur Pillows go great with black leather couches. To top it off, you can buy fur pelt to complete the look. Also I would decorate my black, leather sofa (  if I had one :p  ) with these beautiful pillows, because these are the best ones to me. 

DON’T: Though you could mix in some interesting colors, don’t go overboard and with them. Keep in mind that just “black and white” combination looks so boring, even though it’s considered classic. 

NEVER choose black leather pillows for black leather couch even when you are  extremely goth. Black is such a strong color, so when it comes to a home decor “black on black” would look absolutely unpleasant.  But if you are such a minimalist person and you want to have a black pillow, get a fluffy or shiny black one, which means just choose different textile, especially fur.

Avoid choosing pillows of too dark colors that can be barely discriminated from black color. Dark toned and cold colors  (green, blue, indigo, violet) will create a cold environment and it might affect your mood negatively

- Red Color

DO: A red couch is always the target of attention in a room. Without the right pillows it will look too noticeable and unmatched with the other furniture. We all know that “red” is such a powerful color, so it’s not that easy to select a perfect color that would match with it.  But don’t worry. With our few simple tips, you will have no problem of selecting a perfect pillow for your red leather coach.

 Let’s start with the colors. Bright red colors goes well with black, white, yellow and tan.  Tomato red looks great with mint, sand beige, grey and navy green/blue. And for cherry red, white, sandy or beige would be  great pairs. At last, dark red (maroon) works well with denim blue, black, white and beige tones. 

About patterns: If you desire more luxury or elegant vibe, try shimmery fur pillow or a one  with a metallic gold pattern. For a contemporary look, a geometrically patterned pillows would be great.  Basically, patterns and prints on the pillow depends on the whole interior style of your room.

As it’s a leather coach, you can follow a tip (thick pillow for a leather sofa) I mentioned on the other two colors ( brown and black) above.  Shag, fur, leather, velvet and silk textiles are considered appropriate. Pillows made of black or white shag/fur would look amazing. A velvet or silky ones add more luxury look. If you want a royal style, a golden or silver metallic materials would create a PERFECTION!

Here are the best samples I have found. 

DON’T: It’s clear that you should avoid red pillows.  Also never select a neon colored pillows. Technically, an opposite colors don’t look good together. Green is the opposite color of red, so don’t use it. Also pillows with too dark toned colors will bring down the character, try to choose brighter ones..

How Do You Keep Cushions From Sliding & Slipping Off?

Don’t you just hate it when your throw pillows slip off your couch? Here are some tips that will make sure that they stay in place and stationary.

Get A Pelt or Blanket Throw

Put something on your sofa so that there is friction with the throws. Or simply get a blanket and cover of your sofa to prevent your pillows and throws from slipping off.

Buy Heavier Pillows

The heavier the cushion is, the less likely it is going to slip and fall of from your sofa. Usually throws that are 20 x 20 will do the trick or actually try the rectangular lumbar cushions (they have low center of gravity) so they won’t slide down as easily.

What About The Under Cushions / Mattress??

If you don’t want your under cushion / mattress to slide and move off center, you can easily fix it with one these rubber underlays. Just place it under your sofa cushion/mattress.

Cushion Stay Non-Slip Rubber Underlay, Keep Cushions from Moving, Slipping or Sliding
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  • Reinforced edge prevents bunching or folding during use to maintain maximum performance....

Non-Slip Pillows That Stay On

What Material Goes Best With Your Sofa

Leather usually gives an outdoorsy or somewhat of a classy vibe. The material moreso often invites warm, brown, and choclate like colors, so the material has to go well with the overall theme.

It’s best to have your throws be soft and plush instead of going for similar leather like material. You need a good balance.

Usually fur pillows are a good choice, or faux fur if you are tight on budget (they still look the same).

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