5 Best Real Leather Pouf Ottomans

If you are looking to spice things up and give your home an exotic foreign feel, then Leather Pouf Ottomans are going to be the perfect choice for you.

Genuine Leather Pouf Ottomans

Moroccan Leather Pouf - Handmade Leather Pouffe - Luxury Dark Brown Pouf - Ottoman Footstool Hassock - 100%...
  • Made 100% handmade in Morocco in best goat leather.
  • The highest leather quality available in Morocco.

If you are looking for quality and a trusted brand, then this is for you. It’s Amazon’s top choice and has many great reviews.

It’s chocolate brown in color, so the best color scheme to go with is other brown colors such as dark brown, light brown, light grey, and sometimes black.

Marrakesh Gallery Moroccan Pouf - Genuine Goatskin Leather - Bohemian Living Room Decor - Hassock & Ottoman...
  • Marrakesh Gallery Ottomans: Made of 100% authentic Goatskin leather - handcrafted Moroccan...
  • 20" Unstuffed Round Ottoman pouf - Highly Durable and comfortable Extra Seat – built to...

This is as real as it can get when it comes to leather pouf. It’s made out of genuine goatskin and handcrafted to perfection. You don’t have to worry about the smell as the tanning process is meticulous with no chemical substances that are used.

20-inch diameter is ample enough space for most people. You can use it as a soft cushion and carry it around the house easily.

Or if you prefer it can also function as a footrest or small makeshift table for a get-together.

It will fit perfectly in a cozy environment in your living room or perhaps your bedroom, and the color scheme you should aim for is white, ivory, brown, and maroon.

For the price, the quality is exceptional and some buyers have equated it to premium luxury brands that are way expensive.

If you are looking for some color selection, then try the Morrocan Leather brand. They have more colors and 2 pair sets if you want to get them in bulk.

These are handmade as well and made out of real goat leather. In terms of quality and make it’s not that different from the selection above.

It is however almost 1 pound heavier, so it can a better choice if you are interested in firm and solid foundation as lighter weights can be unstable.

Brown will go best with ivory, beige, etc, whereas silver and white will go better in a light blue, pink, and more colorful environments.

What Does Unstuffed Mean?

You have to get stuffing for most of these poufs, as they do not come with fillings. You can get one of these filling foams which are not that expensive.

You should 10 lbs foam to be on the safe side, as the 5lbs foam might come just a little short.

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How to Clean Your Leather Pouf?

The best thing about leather is how easy it is to clean!

Just get lukewarm water and a cloth and give it a rinse once in a while. If you get stains on them, soak the cloth in soap and spot clean.

Any harsh chemicals should not be used as they could fade out the natural colors and cause damage.