Is Mongolian Lamb Fur Cruel or Inhumane?

Some people hesitate to buy anything to do with Mongolian fur products because it might seem they are supporting a practice that is not humane or healthy for animals. In this topic we will be talking about mostly Mongolian sheep throughout Central Asia and Inner Mongolia. Short answer is, don’t worry about inhumane or cruel ...


Which is Better, Mongolian Fur or Faux Fur?

Is There A Difference Between Mongolian Fur and Faux Fur? Mongolian fur can be a great addition for jazzing up your home, but you might be wondering whether the extra price is worth it, because Faux fur is much cheaper and almost look exactly the same. Don’t worry, we’ll go over the details, the pros ...


Should I throw away pillows after lice?

Ohh no! Getting head lice can be one of the least pleasant things you can go through. Lice usually survives 30 days on a human host, but a female lice can keep laying eggs, and it’s vicious cycle we need to end. Also read: Should I throw away old pillows? However, don’t worry, from shampoos ...


Should I throw away old pillows?

Having a hard time deciding whether you should throw away your old pillows and replace them with new ones, well here’s a quick guide to making a decision. As an individual who has had plenty of different kinds of decorative pillows I think the best choice would be to keep your old pillows as long ...


5 Spicy Pillows To Try for Your Home Decoration

Mongolian Fur Pillow The Mongolian fur pillow is a favourite among people who are into Central Asian cultures. The material used to make the cushion is real authentic Mongolian fur and has a unique appearance about it. Fluffy and warm, Mongolian fur pillows will keep cozy and comfortable wherever you decide to place it for ...