Folding Ottoman Bed

4 Best Blue Folding Ottoman Sleeper Guest Beds (100% Comfort)

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Diophros Folding Ottoman Sleeper Guest Bed, 4 in 1 Multi-Function Adjustable Guest Sofa Chair Sofa Bed (Light...
  • Multi-function: versatile use, sitting, reclining, foot-support and sleeping. Meet all...
  • User-friendly Design: No assembly required, easy to store the chair and save space for...
Powell Boone Convertible Sofa Bed in Blue
  • Crafted from Metal, Plastic, Foam and Fabric
  • Black Finish
SpaceMaster iBed Convertible Ottoman with Fold Out Hideaway Guest Bed, Blue
  • Blue Fabric upholstered multipurpose furniture ottoman sleeper, fold bed into ottoman
  • Easy storage. light assembly required. 2" foam mattress ready to use in seconds

Decoration Ideas For Blue Folding Ottomans

Blue is a color that goes well different shades of blue, but there are some exceptions and color schemes you could try out.

Color Matching With Light Colors

If you want to match blue with white, it’s better to get the lighter shades of blue such as Caribbean, teal, sky blue etc. Darker shades of blue such as navy and ocean blue will look too much out of place and the contrast in colors does not go well.

It will give your room a calm and deeply focused sense of feel.

If you want something brighter and upbeat, you can mix blue with other various bright colors such as green, orange, red, etc, to give it a more colorful and creative open space.

Color Matching With Dark Colors

Whatever you do, do not mix blue with black or darker colors that much. It just does not go well in most cases, but there are exceptions. You have to know what you are doing as it is very tricky to get the color balance right with darker colors.

Blue can be matched with gray to give an authoritative and powerful feel to your surroundings and room.

Color Matching With Neutral Colors

Blue fits best with neutral colors such as light gray, ivory, beige, but you have to make use of other supporting color schemes. It will take some knowledge to get the balance right, but it can look pretty cool when you do.

Why Buy Blue Folding Ottoman Sleeper Guest Bed?

If you need multifunctional and multi-use furniture that not only can act as a bed, but as a foot stool, table, decoration piece, and much more, you should consider buying a ottoman single bed.
There are various advantages to owning one, and you can do a lot with a piece of a multi-functional ottoman.

Save Money

Folding ottoman beds, cost around $150 – $400 depending on the style. Considering what 5 in 1 ottoman beds can do, it’s a bargain and can look great in addition to the other furniture in the room.
It can act as a small coffee table, a foot rest, decoration piece, a sofa, etc. If you consider the costs of getting separate furniture for each individual piece, you are actually saving 2-3 the amount.

  • A small stool – $50
  • Foldable bed – $200
  • Coffee table – $50
  • Reading chair – $200
  • Decoration piece – $100

Save Space

5 in ottoman beds are incredibly versatile, but it does not take a whole lot of space. When folded, it is about the size of a crate or a packing box.
If you live in a small studio, or if you wish to have a bed that you can move around easily in your house, folding ottomans are great!
It takes less than a few minutes to either set things up or put it away. The design is specifically made so that almost anyone can do it.

Decorate Your Home

When put in the right place, it can look amazingly stylish and goes well with a lot of furniture. If you are considering purchasing one, grey is probably the best color choice. It can go along with almost anything from dark rooms to brightly colored ones.
There are a few places you can put the ottoman for the most aesthetic look

  • In the middle of the living room – When you don’t have something in the middle of the living room, especially on top of a rug, It looks a bit empty and boring. You can either purchase a small coffee table, but why not kill two birds with one stone? Get a bed also a coffee table!
  • As an end table – If you have couch or something to fill out the corners or hide any outlets, you can place your 5 in 1 ottoman where you want it. Usually, they are about 30 – 40 pounds, so an adult should be able to move around without much trouble.
  • Next to a couch – If you perhaps get Diophros or Venonda brand, they look great as a reading chair. It can go along great next to the main couch.

Invite Guests Over

Folding ottomans make it so easy for guests to come and go. Most ottoman beds come with comfy cushions that can serve as a decent bed. Though these can’t replace real sleeping beds, sleeping on these for a few days will feel very comfortable, much better than sleeping on the floor or an inflatable mattress.
While these are made for 1 adult person there are wider sizes that could accommodate 2 slim individuals.

Are Blue Folding Ottoman Sleeper Guest Beds Easy to Clean?

Unlike beds with huge mattresses, you can actually remove the cushions in smaller pieces and clean them.
Cleaning the blankets and comforters should be fairly straightforward, but when cleaning the cushion, it’s better to spot clean stains and vacuum with a special hose to remove any dust. Or just take the small pieces of cushions and give them a good whack out on your backyard.
Cleaning Ottomans and cushions is a simple process, but there are a few instances which you need to be careful and spend a little more time doing the right thing.

Cleaning Ottoman Cushions With Inserts

These will mostly be smaller Ottomans specifically made for patio outside or for camping. They should come with Ottoman cushion covers, and cleaning them is pretty easy.
After you remove the cover, you can clean it with the washer set on low tumble and cold water.
For the insert, head out to your backyard and give it a few slaps to let any dust out. Lastly, vacuum the cushion and you are all done.

1. Vacuuming – Removing Dust

You will need a higher wattage vacuum with strong suction power.
Attach the head to vacuum specifically designed for sucking and removing dust embedded deep within furniture and ottomans.
Go slowly and press deeply to get a thorough cleaning.

2. Apply Baking Soda

Baking soda gets rid of bad odor. Apply some baking soda on your Ottoman and let it sit 20-30 minutes. If you want a deep and thorough cleaning, be liberal with the amount of baking soda and apply it well.
After waiting 20-30 minutes, vacuum away the baking soda.

3. Removing Stains

Depending on what type of material your Ottoman is you have to be careful about what kind of detergent you use.
Check the care tag on the ottoman for a care code or for specific cleaning instructions, as these vary based on the type of fabric covering the piece.

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