Should You Decorate Your Home Yourself?

Many people opt to decorate their homes themselves and take a great deal of time making sure everything looks top shape. However, should you be the one who is decorating and designing everything?

Well this mostly comes down to how much time you have and what your goals are. If you have a business, you most likely should let a professional do the job unless you are talented in design and home improvement.

What Is Your Goal?

First and foremost, you have to make sure that your goals in alignment with what you expect. Are you perhaps in a rush to get your business up and running or are you doing this as a leisure activity? Maybe it’s for your family home?

Is it just for decorating your living room and couch? How long will the project take? These are some of the questions you have to ask beforehand you embark on this project because if you just go with the flow there will be many hurdles and setbacks you did not expect.

Who Is It For?

Are you taking on this project for your loved ones or is it more of a business kind of deal? If it’s not too personal, maybe it’s better to consult with a professional and let them handle all the grunt work.

However, if this whole project is more of a personal and intimate activity, you should do things by yourself or with the person you care about.

Do You Have Enough Time?

You might be a busy professional such as a doctor, lawyer or financial adviser. Your time is money, so you have to ask yourself is the time spent on decorating and furnishing your home worth the effort and cost-saving? You have to think in terms of opportunity costs.

It would not make sense for you to decorate your home if it interferes with your work and negatively affects your overall financial well-being. We sometimes get so caught up with trying to save money that we forget that it’s sometimes actually cheaper for someone else to do it in the long run.

Do You Enjoy The Process?

If it causes you a lot of headaches trying to calculate the costs for renovating your home and decorating, why make yourself go through that process? From an economic point of view, doing things yourself might be costly in the long run, but if it’s an intimate and personal experience that you thoroughly enjoy, who’s to say no.

Spending time on something that frustrates you and takes your focus is not good for your health and your overall life, so unless you can’t tolerate some of the frustrations that come with home renovation, just have an expert do the job.

How to decorate your home with Mongolian Sheep Wool Pillows

If you have been considering about decorating your home and giving it an exotic touch, then you must give Mongolian sheep wool pillows a try.

These fluffy pieces of clouds make your room brighter and give it a cozy and warm look that other cushions are not able to provide.

What is Mongolian Sheep Wool?

nomad sheerming sheep

Mongolian sheep wool,as the name suggests, the fur that is sheared from sheep. If you have worried whether these are harmful to the sheep or cruel, you do not have to worry because it actually helps local suppliers and gives the sheep comfort during the hot summer months.

The wool is then used to make clothing products, most commonly the Mongolian deel, but pretty recently pillow covers.

Can It Be Used As Sleeping Pillow?

Though you can use it to nap and rest for a few hours, it is more of a comforter and something that you hug onto when watching a movie or just need to be lazy.

Sleeping on Mongolian sheepskin pillows may in fact give you some fogginess when you wake up because it conducts a lot of electricity and your hair can become very static.

These are mainly used for decoration, body comfort when laying down on the couch and just playing with them rather than using them as sleeping pillows.

If you are looking for best sleeping pillows, then check Sleep Restoration brand.

Where To Put The Cushions

Now that you know the main use for them, let’s get into the important part. The important question is, if you can’t sleep on it, then where can you put them or how should you use them to decorate your home?

Well, you can place it anywhere you like but mainly a couch or a bed is preferred.

Decorating a couch

BAD…. When decorating a couch with cushions, you need to make sure the sizing, shapes and colours go well together. Otherwise you will have a jumbled up mess like the one above.

Good… See how the colours and the sizing and the overall theme just match well with this version? For longer and rectangular sofas and couches, Saro Lifestyle’s brand fur pillows are the best fit because they have more rectangular pillows and some square ones to match.

mongolian fur cushion couch decoration

For short sofas, it’s best to go with smaller square shapes and bigger sizes to create symmetry and to balance things out. It’s a bit harder to decorate smaller sofas. Rose feather brand cushions are best for this particular set-up.

Decorating a bed

Decorating a bed with Mongolian wool cushion covers is possible if you are aiming for cozy and comfortable look for your bed, however it’s not the best choice for sleeping pillows, but moreso for snuggling and resting a little on the bed.

bed decorated with mongolian fur pillow

Aim for symmetry with bigger squares and some rectangular or smaller pairs to compliment the look. Try one of the best brands out there for this: SLPR pillows.

You can always compliment the look with mongolian fur pelts and throws to complete the full look .

Is Mongolian Lamb Fur Cruel or Inhumane?

Some people hesitate to buy anything to do with Mongolian fur products because it might seem they are supporting a practice that is not humane or healthy for animals. In this topic we will be talking about mostly Mongolian sheep throughout Central Asia and Inner Mongolia.

Short answer is, don’t worry about inhumane or cruel treatment, because nomads actually tend to their animals and take really good care of them to live a healthy and happy life.

In fact, the sheared sheep wool is an integral part of the livelihoods of some nomads since they sell the fur and wool to shops and businesses that make pillow covers made with Mongolian sheep fur.

What Is Mongolian Fur Made Out Of?

It’s mostly made from sheep wool and fur. Nomads shear their sheep during late spring before it gets really hot. If they didn’t shear their sheep, they would fluffy pieces of balls enduring torture because of the heat. Sheap also slowly shed during the summer months as well, so it’s a good way for nomads to support their communities and families.

Are The Lambs Killed For Their Fur?

Mongolian sheep that are raised in the steppes have a completely different way of lifestyle compared to farmed animals. They are free to roam around during the day grazing on wild grass and during the night they come back to their ranch.

nomad sheerming sheep

The nomads regularly check up on their animals for infection or signs of poor health. So they are well tended to and are cared for by their owners.

It might be taken as cruelty however if you are buying Mongolian fur pelt, or sheepskin, because the animal has to be slaughtered for their pelt and skin, but for their wool and fur, they are just sheared and actually sit peacefully and quietly during the process. Once it’s done, they are free to go.

Where Is Mongolian Fur Imported From?

Most of the products we recommend that are shown are imported from Inner Mongolia, China or from Mongolia. Depending on the brand where you buy it from, shipping might a little longer or just a few days.

Some brands such as SLPR are partnered with Amazon and other suppliers that give you speedy shipping process.

How Is Mongolian Lamb Fur Harvested?

Once the wool has been sheared, they are sold to people who buy them and they proceed to transport them to a processing plant. In the processing plant, the wool goes through the process of tanning, washing, and yarning to have a clean and neat appearance, which then are used to make products such as fur pillows, coats, rugs, and etc.

Which is Better, Mongolian Fur or Faux Fur?

Is There A Difference Between Mongolian Fur and Faux Fur?

Mongolian fur can be a great addition for jazzing up your home, but you might be wondering whether the extra price is worth it, because Faux fur is much cheaper and almost look exactly the same.

Don’t worry, we’ll go over the details, the pros and cons of each, so that you can make your own decision which best meets your needs.


What is Mongolian Fur?

Mongolian fur is generally just animal fur that are from Mongolia. There are different Mongolian fur products such as cashmere, Yak fur, Sheep fur. To obtain the fur and wool, the animals is not harmed, it actually helps them alleviate their suffering during the summer, because excess fur during the summer is agonizing.

Most animals shed during the summer, so why not use the material to support the local economy and provide for your family if you are a nomad who sell animal products for a living?

Advantages of Mongolian Fur

Mongolian fur is great for retaining heat, and the feeling on the skin is amazing. It acts as a great insulator. In fact, a lot of winter coats and winter clothes have Mongolian fur as inner padding and insulator. Mongolian nomads in fact make thick deel (traditional Mongolian clothes) with animal fur as padding.

Winters in Mongolia can sometimes reach -40 to -50 degrees Celsius, so it’s an amazing material for maintaining body heat and weathering the harsh winter climate.

If you are not much interested in clothes with Mongolian fur however and more interested in Mongolian fur throws and cushions, then the material quality is unmatched and can last for a long time if you maintain and clean them properly comparatively with faux fur.

Disadvantages of Mongolian Fur

Mongolian fur does come with disadvantages however. It’s expensive to import and can quite heavy on the wallet. Mongolian cashmere especially is super expensive, but if you have the money for it, this won’t be much of a disadvantage for you.

Maintaining and caring for Mongolian fur is the bigger issue. If you spill things on it or wash it improperly, the texture and the overall look will suffer. However, if you are careful and don’t get stains on it and wash it properly, you can avoid this pitfall.

What is Faux Fur?

Faux fur essentially non animal material used for furniture and clothing. Faux fur can look almost identical to the real thing and are much cheaper comparatively, but for the trained eye, the material texture and overall feel is completely different when they are side by side.

Advantages of Faux Fur

Faux fur is definitely a lot cheaper and easier for people who are on a budget. Faux fur clothes, furniture, and pillows are mainly made with polyester, cotton, or material that is not related to animals.

Washing them is a lot easier and maintaining them does not require much upkeep since cotton and polyester are hardy and durable when it comes to washing chemicals.

Disadvantages of Faux Fur

There isn’t much disadvantage, but faux fur made from polyester and cotton lose their color quickly and end up looking worn out a bit faster than real fur.

Sometimes the feeling on your skin can be uncomfortable and a bit too rough, but for people who don’t mind it, it’s not much of a problem.

Is there quality difference between Mongolian Fur and Faux Fur?

There is a big difference between real Mongolian fur and faux Mongolian fur. Just running your hand through the material you’ll realize the sensations are completely different.

Authentic Mongolian fur feel soft, plush, and fluffy, whereas faux Mongolian fur are a bit “unnatural” and rough around the edges. There is a reason why there is a big price difference between faux fur and Mongolian fur.

Products Made with Faux Fur

Faux fur is a lot cheaper and a lot of brands produce clothes for the general public with faux fur. You can literally buy anything made with faux fur.

Pillows, furniture, t-shirts, coats, and many other various products related to fashion and interior decoration.

Products Made with Mongolian Fur

When it comes to Mongolian fur products, it’s pretty limited. There are Mongolian fur pillows, throws, and cushions, and sometimes coats, cashmere sweaters, and blankets, but besides that, Mongolian fur is not used in everyday household items because they are expensive and are in a limited supply.

Real authentic Mongolian fur is imported from Mongolian, Inner Mongolia, and sometimes Tibet.

Conclusion: Which Is Better? Real Mongolian Fur or Faux Fur?

This will come down to your preferences and what you are looking for. If you need something cheaper and don’t mind the feeling on your skin, or exotic/authenticity, then there is nothing wrong with faux fur.

Authentic Mongolian fur is for people who are more into cultural items or perhaps people with sensitive skin, people who want to feel the soft smooth feeling that Mongolian fur can only provide.

Should I throw away pillows after lice?

Ohh no! Getting head lice can be one of the least pleasant things you can go through. Lice usually survives 30 days on a human host, but a female lice can keep laying eggs, and it’s vicious cycle we need to end.

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However, don’t worry, from shampoos to other forms of easy methods, lice on a pillow and your hair can easily be dealt with.

To Throw Or To Not to Throw Away

If you recently discovered that you had lice or that your pillows had lice, then you need to take action right away. Pillows are expensive, so you might be wondering, if you should throw away your pillows and cushions after getting lice.

Remember, lice do not live more than 30 days, and it can die after 24 hours after being separated from the human host. So if you have lice on your pillows, you can leave them out on the sun for more than 24 hours and re-use them again.

However, for some paranoid folks out there, if you really want to throw away your pillows if you have lice, then that is up to you. Though, the best thing you could do to save money is to just leave your pillows, comforters, and other affected furniture or clothing out in the sun for 24 hours, wash them with hot water, which should solve the problem.

Why Do Pillows Get Lice?

Lice is transmitted from person to person, and can spread if you share towels, clothes, etc. If you were unfortunate enough to get lice from someone, it can end up on your bed once you sleep. However, most lice prefer to stick to the human host since it can’t survive more than 24 hours without food source, but sometimes they can end up on pillows, your clothes, carpet etc.

If you were even more unfortunate and got a female lice as a parasite, then it could lay eggs on your pillow and keep multiplying.

Full Proof: How To Prevent Your Pillows From Lice

While some people might consider you to be a prude or closed-off, you can decide not to share your clothes, pillows, towels, etc with people. Usually lice is transmitted through close contact, so sharing combs, towels, hats, etc are a good way to get head lice.

On rare occasions lice can crawl and latch onto clothing such as sweater, carpet, etc, so if your head gets into contact with those material, head lice can make their away onto your scalp.

What To Do In Case Your Pillows Have Lice

The best solution is to leave your house for a few days, and since head lice can’t survive more than a day without food source, they will most likely die off. However, it does not mean that the lice you have on your head will go away.

So you yourself need to take some measures to get rid of your lice on your scalp!

Lice Removal Kit

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Henna Coloring

Henna hair dye has properties that kill lice, so if you were thinking of getting some makeover, then this is a good way to get rid of your lice.

Tea Tree Oil

You have to be a little careful with tea tree oil because on sensitive hair it might cause some damage, but you can mix it up with other oils to dilute the potency and apply it on your scalp.

Rubbing Alcohol

This might be the cheapest and easiest methods to kill lice. Alhcohol and spirits kill lice, so go to your nearest supermarket and buy a few bottles of vodka and wash away!

Cleaning Your Home After You’re Done

The lice that got left behind at your home would have gone looking for some food source, they could be on your desk, sofa, carpet, etc, so after you come back, it’s time to clean everything.

Vacuum, steam, and wash your clothes, carpets, towels, etc with hot water. And viola! Everything should be lice free!


Should I throw away old pillows?

Having a hard time deciding whether you should throw away your old pillows and replace them with new ones, well here’s a quick guide to making a decision.

As an individual who has had plenty of different kinds of decorative pillows I think the best choice would be to keep your old pillows as long as they are not worn out completely. However we all have different reasons for our choices so it will mostly depend on you.

How old is too old?

Anything above 2 years is considered old so it’s a good rule of thumb to follow. If you’re looking for new decorative hello ideas then read this.

Though to years is the baseline depending on the material, new pillows could last longer or a bit shorter. Usually synthetic materials happen to deteriorate more quickly or as wool and natural furs are more durable.

Why should you keep your old pillows

If we’re talking about decorative pillows that are mainly used for filling up spaces on the sofa and for interior design purposes than you don’t necessarily have to throw away your old pillows and throws.

It only becomes a problem when people use those pillows when they sleep. It is recommended to replace your sleeping pillows every two years because dust mites and fungal spores grow and for people with allergies and asthma it can cause problems.

However if you don’t have any allergies against dust mites and other various fungus, you can reuse you sleep intervals over and over again as long as you wash them with water temperatures above 130 degrees celsius and freeze them from time to time, which kills most of the dust mites and fungus.

Why should you throw away your pillows

It goes without saying if you pillows are worn out ripped and don’t like appealing then you probably might want to get a new pair of throws and pillows.

If you also happen to be allergic to dust and are prone to asthma, then you likely have to replace your pillows more frequently to avoid any health problems.

Neck problems with old pillows

If you are not aware, if you don’t replace your old pillows you do run the risk of developing neck problems. When the supporting foam and material deteriorate it can cause your neck to rest on unhealthy positions.

A good firm pillow should keep your neck straight when you are sleeping on your side and give a slight curvature when you facing upwards.

How to recycle old pillows?

You can use the covers as rag or a shoe cloth. For the inner foam you could probably use it as a car sponge, but if it’s further than probably there isn’t much you can do with it.

Or you could keep the whole thing and use it as floor cushions which you sit on. If you have pets this is a great way to make a better use out of it as well.

How many cushions should you have on a corner sofa?

I am sure most of you know a corner sofa, is an L shaped sofa that is a bit wider and mainly put in the living room.

Most of us have been there. We don’t want our couch to look too empty but at the same time, we don’t want it to look too full. or god forbid, we don’t have enough money to fill out our sofa. So what is the answer?

To answer this question, we will have to ask you a few questions on what it is you are looking for what kind of sofa you have.

What kind of back support does it have?

Is the back support firm and come with the couch itself? *(considered a part of the sofa itself). If so, you will need a few more cushions and throws to fill it out.

Whereas sofas and couches with no back support have to be filled in with bigger sized cushions hence it gives the illusion that it’s filled out more. You don’t need as much pillows for these types.

Determining the length of the corner sofa

There are short corner sofas and there are long corner sofas, so depending on the length and size, the amount of pillow you need to put on there will vary.

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Short Corner Sofas

If your couch looks something similar to the above, then you most likely have a short corner sofa. This example above does not have back support, but it’s filled out with cushions as you can see, so the sofa shown above can get away with 3-4 throws.

Long Corner Sofas

If your couch resembles the picture above, then you probably have a long corner sofa. Since this comes with back support, you will need a few more cushions and pillows to fill it out more. The image above is a bit of a poor example of how it should be decorated, because the colour matching is off, and there are only 3 pillows.

There should at least be 5-6 mix and blend of big cushions and small throws.

How do you match the colours?

Matching the colours of a couch can be fun and intersting. You get to define how you want to represent your living room.

For brighter coloured sofas, try mixing and matching neutral coloured pillows like brown, grey and 1 or 2 darker coloured cushions.

For darker sofas, you need to balance it out with lighter coloured throws. It can be lighter shade of your couch as well.

What kind of shaped pillows should you choose?

For longer sofas, you want to balance out the long rectangular look with square or rounded shaped pillows. Brighter colours tend to make it shorter, so don’t go too overboard with too many bright pillows.

For shorter sofas, try rectangular pillows mixed with square throws or cushions. That should give it a good balance.

5 Spicy Pillows To Try for Your Home Decoration

Mongolian Fur Pillow

The Mongolian fur pillow is a favourite among people who are into Central Asian cultures. The material used to make the cushion is real authentic Mongolian fur and has a unique appearance about it.

Fluffy and warm, Mongolian fur pillows will keep cozy and comfortable wherever you decide to place it for decoration. Supplies don’t last long, so be sure to check it out.

Top recommendations for Mongolian fur pillows

Geometric “Sahara” by Woven Nook

The geometric Sahara pillows by Woven Nook will bring an adventurer side in you and make you want to travel. The patterns and the style of these pillows is bound to give someone the yearning for adventure

These go great with modern and clean designs that need a bit of extra spice and decoration. These are fairly cheap and come in a bundle with each pillow with different design and texture.

Check price here.

Rivet Mudcloth Brand

Perhaps you are into abstract designs with interesting shapes and texture, then try the Rivet Mudcloth Brand pillows. These are perfect for homes that have a touch of vibrance to them.

The dark colour will contrast any bright vibrant colours and give it some grounded balance it needs.

Check price here.


Hand Crafted Native American Styles Pillows

If you are into Native American culture, and want to give it an old homey feel, then these Native American Style Pillows are for you.

The exquisite shapes and dazzling colours will give a bland and dark themed room more life and character. I am sure just from looking at the design, it reminds you of Native American culture and feel.

Check price here.

Top Finel Brushed Microfiber Decorative Pillows

These throws by Top Finel are mainly geared towards people who like a clean and white look. These can be a great addition to neutral coloured sofas and still retain the colour balance.

Coming in a bundle, it’s fairly cheap and a good way to fill up your living room or your couch with something and not leave it empty.

Check price here.



How to dress a sofa with throws & pillows?

Before you decide to buy a pillow and place it on your couch there are a few things to consider and keep in mind. We go into greater detail here, but in short, you have to make sure the overall picture and the combination are a good mix.

You could have the most good looking high quality couch or pillow, but if they don’t go well together, it will just look weird and out of place, so here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

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Decorative throw pillows for brown, black, and red leather couch.

What Colour is your Sofa/Couch?

Depending on the colour, contrast, and brightness, you have to mix the colours together to create harmony and balance. It isn’t exactly a science, but the overall feel must be right. There are various combinations and different styles you can go for.

For a colour palette generator try here:

Darker Colours

Darker colours would include black, dark grey, maroon, navy, forest green etc. They usually represent authority and dominance, but it has to be balanced with some brighter tones and shades that bring some life, otherwise too much darker colours make it seem bland and boring.

For a general rule of thumb, you can mix and match the dark sofa with a few pillows that are the same colour and majority contrasting brighter colours.

Brighter Colours

Brighter colours would include white, yellow, teal, blue neon green, etc.  They usually represent energy, character, and life, but too much colour can be distracting and overbearing, which is why it needs to be balanced out by darker furniture and pillows to give it some stability.

Bright coloured couches go really well with white pillows and throws, but to give it some character and balance, try a few darker pillows in the mix, but stay consistent. Too much variation can look can look ugly.

Neutral Colours

Neutral colours would include mostly earthy colours such as brown, grey, evergreen, silver etc. You could probably decorate a room with mostly neutral colours, but sometimes it will lack something special or something that gives it a unique character, so a mix of darker and brighter colours can be good.

What is your Couch Size?

Is your couch big or small? What sort of shape does it have? Based on those qualities you can mix it with different types of pillows.

Square Shapes

Square shaped couches that are short in length can be styled with a pair of big square shaped cushions on the both sides creating a symmetrical look. You don’t want to overkill and have to many pillows because you need it give your sofa a room to breathe.

Rectangular Shapes

Rectangular shaped sofas match well with rectangular pillows that are fluffy or big. Since rectangular couches can be long, you want to downplay its length and make it more balanced with rounder or square shaped throws and don’t be afraid to match your sofa with bigger pillows.

L Shapes

These kinds of sofas tend to be the most versatile and can be matched with different shapes, sizes, and colour of cushions and pillows. Feel free to experiment with this type as you will have much more freedom to mix and match.

What Material is it Made of?

The material of your sofa can also play a major role on how it can be dressed and styled.

Leather Sofas:

You have to be careful with leather sofas, because if you get it wrong with the wrong cushions, it looks quirky or as if something is just off. Usually it’s best to leave leather sofas as is without any other decoration.

If you have to, choose pillows that have more texture and in some ways contrast the main colour.

Fabric Sofas:

Fabric couches mostly go well with other fabric material cushions. It’s more versatile and you have more choices to choose from with fabric ones compared with leather sofas.

What is the Texture of your Sofa?

Texture can also play an important role when it comes to styling your couch with pillows. Bland sofas with no texture, are great because you can choose from different types of throws to give it life, but when it comes to textured sofas, you have to be careful.

Pillows & Throws That go Well with Everything

If you haven’t tried Mongolian fur cushions, they go well with almost everything! Though it’s fluffy and heavily textured, when you match the colours and sizes correctly it almost universally fits in with everything.

Things to consider before buying decoration pillows

Decorating your couch or home with pillows is one of the easiest ways you can spice up how your home looks. There are many pillows you can choose from and many different styles you can find from shopping malls and online, so you shouldn’t have much trouble finding what’s a good fit and what’s not a good fit easily.

But before you go out and just buy throws and pillows for you home, you have to consider what feel you are going for, what you want it to present and how you want it to contrast with the rest of your house, because when you are decorating your home, you have to understand that it’s not just a matter of picking a few things here and there and calling it a day.

You have to get the ingredients right and you have to know what goes well with what, so here are just some tips to help you figure out what you can do to find out what will look best for your home.

What kind of Style Are You Going for?

First and foremost you have to figure out what kind of feel and style you are going for. Because different types of pillows and throws are going to give off different kind of vibes.

For example: Mongolian and Tibetan fur pillows will make the space around it cozy, fluffy or in some ways exotic. Or if you are going for a modern type of look, something with contrasting colours and sharp edges will perhaps give you a better feel and look.

So it’s always best to understand what it is that you are exactly going for when you trying to decorate your house. Here’s an exercise, what defines you as a person and what kind of characteristics do you want your home to convey. Are you adventurous? Perhaps you are more of a technology enthusiast?

Usually the best styles are the styles that define you as a person or an environment that makes you feel at ease and comfortable. A lot of studies have shown that you can affect performance, mood, and overall health just by interior design and decoration.

What Kind of Dwelling Is it?

Now that you have come up with an overall style or look you are going for, you need to take into consideration what kind of dwelling you have. Is it a summer house, cabin, or an apartment, or perhaps a house in the suburbs?

Depending on the answer, you will have make it fit correctly according to the overall theme or environment. It wouldn’t make sense to be buying futuristic and bright colourful pillows for your winter cabin, because you probably want your winter cabin to give off a warm comforting feeling, hence make sure where you live has matching or complimentary qualities to the pillows you are going to purchase.

How Big is Your Home?

Another factor is to consider the size of your house and home, otherwise, things can look way out of proportion and whack if you don’t get it right.

Small pillows in a big spacious room will look even smaller or big pillows in a smaller apartment will just look huge in comparison, so a good way to gauge the size you will need is to get an overall feel by walking around your house or whatever environment you are decorating and visualise how things will look in proportion to your overall environment.

Types of Furniture You Have

We’re getting close, but another factor before we can proceed into the finer details is, what type of furniture you already have.

Will the colour and material match with its surroundings? Do you have mostly wooden furniture or is it marble etc?

Material of Your Sofa/Bed

Finally, consider the material of your bed or sofa where you will be using pillows for decoration. The colours have to match each other and compliment one another. Otherwise, trying to match colours that don’t go well together or buying same colour palette will just look boring.

For colour palette ideas check out

Making It All Fit

While it’s not exactly a science, you do need to understand that a beautiful house is comprised of many different ingredients that balance each other and in some ways highlight certain aspects of one another.

It’s always a mix and mash of different materials, colours, and ideas that make the overall picture good. Think of it as making food. Too much salt and seasoning will make the food unbearable to eat, whereas just the right amount with a bit of sugar will make it fabulous, so it’s always a balance and overall picture.