Should you buy a settee bench or a sofa?

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When it comes to furniture and interior design, you have to make certain choices. Some choices require you to choose one thing over another, in which case, you might be wondering whether a sofa is better than a settee bench or if a settee bench is better than a sofa.

Best Settee Benches for Living Room, Bedroom, Kitchen, & Outdoors

What is your overall theme?

Depending on your overall theme and style you are going for, the answer can depend.

Settee benches are great for open spaces and minimalist design. They don’t take much space and are quite light. Compared with a sofa, it won’t require much space, so for smaller apartments, they can be a great substitute for sofas.

However, if you have the space and are going for something that is more traditional and proven to work, a sofa is a better choice.

A sofa might fit better in a bigger apartment with an ample amount of space.

Settees overall are great for studio apartments or for someone going for more of minimalist and contemporary design.

Consider the pricing

In general, settees are going to be cheaper and won’t hurt your wallet as much as sofas.

Usually, settees range from $150-$300, whereas sofas can go as much as a grand, so for people who are limited by budget, settees can be the better choice and alternative for sofas.

What kinds of functionality do you need?

Blue bench next to sofa in modern living room interior with plant on table next to armchair

Settees can serve as a seating area for 2-3 people, a storage unit, and an alternative living room sofa that is clean and chic, but sofas and couches are going to more comfortable and overall more functional.

Some sofas and couches can turn into a bed or have more space for people to sit and relax. The cushioning foam is thicker and overall more comfortable.

However, the downside is how sofas can be cumbersome and difficult to move around. Settees on the other hand are easy to transport, take apart and rebuild. It only lacks in space and dimensions.

Overall verdict

This mainly comes down to what you are looking for and what you need. I personally prefer the settee because of its simplistic design. It’s easy to move around and it does not take much space. However, just make sure to get the one with a thicker foam and perhaps more surface area.

Sofa and couches are too bulky and big, which can be annoying to move when changing apartments. However, if you are looking for something sturdier and don’t mind spending a few extra bucks, then a quality couch shouldn’t be crossed off your list.

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