What is a leather club chair?

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A home is more enjoyable when it can provide comfort and relaxation to the people living in it. After all, it’s the place that everyone comes back to at the end of a stressful day or simply to relax in during a lazy weekend. There are several factors that can offer extra comfort to your cozy home. One of the most popular comforting things is a chair. But not just a simple wooden or steel chair, we are talking about comfort and luxury which is a leather club chair. A leather club chair, depending on color and design, can be a very significant addition to any room.

What is a leather club chair and where it is used?

A club chair is a type of armchair that is usually made with genuine leather and soft cushion. It has its own history to tell. The club chair is first made around 1929  in France. People used to call “fauteuil comfortable” in French which means “comfortable armchair”. Nowadays its called a club chair no one knows why its called a club chair there is no documentation that supports this change.

First of all this club chair offered people extra comfort. So clubs found out about this chair, most of the clubs used this as a must-have piece of furniture. For example, in the club,  gentlemen or businessmen loved to use this as enjoyment furniture. Drinking a glass of whiskey with ice and smoking cigars while talking about business. That is how it got famous piece of furniture among the clubs.  Gentlemen’s clubs, in particular, had them for men to sink into the club chair with a drink in hand whenever they needed to get away from the household. Maybe this is why it got the club chair name.
Nowadays, people are not using it only as club furniture, they are using it as a home comfort chair to sink in.



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